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The Groove President –orchestra was founded in 2002 in Helsinki, Finland. It´s a band consisting of great music professionals, especially on the field of rhytm and groovy kind of music. The band has members from 3 to 6, depending of the needs of the event and the style of music wanted.
The band plays great variety of cover material and also their own finnish-groove material, composed by the lead singer Vallu Lukka. The band also loves to play swing music and 70´s disco.
Actor-singer-musicologist Vallu Lukka has stage-experience as a vocalist of Groove President-band and also as an actor of theatre company called Ilmestysteatteri (translated as The Revelation Theatre). He has played leading parts of many productions of Shakespeare, Moliére, Goldoni and Gozzi. He´s also remembered by playing Porthos´s part in The Three Musketeers. Last season he was seen in Turku City Theatre, playing the leading part of new musical Thorin Vasara (Thor´s Hammer)  world premiere.
Some companies, that use the musical services of Groove President: Fortum, Nokia, Suomen Eduskunta, UPM Kymmene, HEF Group, Erweko, Onninen Oy, Itella, Saarioinen, Lääkäriasema Pulssi, Aventis, Atria, SRV Westerlund

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